Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

December 28, 2021

What is AFUE?

AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) is a rating that is given to furnaces to compare the amount of fuel that is required to the amount of heat that is produced.

How efficient is your furnace?

This is determined by how much of the fuel is utilized to produce heat through your gas furnace.

A standard gas furnace tends to have a rating of 80% AFUE (energy efficient), meaning that approximately 20% of the heat produced is lost in the exhaust from the furnace.

It is a requirement in Manitoba to install a gas furnace with a minimum efficiency rating of 92%, the AFUE rating must be certified in accordance with CSA standards.

What does it mean to have a 92% AFUE high efficiency furnace?

This mean that 92% of the fuel is converted into heat energy for your home, while the remaining 8% is lost in the conversion process.

High efficiency furnaces use multiple condensers to extract additional heat converting more of the fuel into heat making it more efficient to heat your home.  

A high efficiency furnace can come with a bit of a higher up front cost, but will save you money on your gas and electricity bills each month.

Keep in mind that the AFUE of your furnace does not account for heat loss due distribution throughout your home.

Ductwork exposed to spaces that are not properly insulated can cause additional heat loss and it is recommended that these spaces or the ductwork be insulated to maintain optimal efficiency and reduce heating costs.

Does your furnace need repairing? You local Winnipeg heating and cooling HVAC experts can get your system up and running the same day. Call Abstract Heating today to book an appointment, or contact us here. Looking to install a new high efficiency furnace we do that too!

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