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Summer is BBQ season in Winnipeg,
are you ready to fire up your grill?

There is nothing worse than starting up the grill
only to realize that your propane tank is empty.

Avoid the pain of an empty propane tank
with the installation of a natural gas line for your BBQ.

When you install a natural gas line for your BBQ,
it keeps you grilling worry-free all summer long.
Natural gas is much more convenient than propane,
and you can use it with most outdoor cooking appliances.

Just make sure to have your natural gas line installed by a professional.

Abstract Heating installs natural gas lines for BBQs

BBQ Grill

Gas line for BBQ

Natural gas BBQs require a natural gas line to be installed
by a professional gas fitter and connected to your homes gas meter.

Do you need a natural gas line installed for your BBQ?

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Abstract Heating installs natural gas lines for BBQs,
fire pits, fire tables, water heaters and other gas appliances.
Installing a gas line for your gas BBQ is a simple project
that can save you money on your energy bills all summer long.
When the weather gets warm, there's nothing better than
firing up the grill for a delicious steak or fish dinner.
However, if your BBQ runs on propane,
there is a good chance that your propane tank is running low.

Contact us today for your free estimate on installing a gas line for your BBQ.

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