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Gas Fireplace Insert

Would you like a cleaner experience with your fireplace?
Installing a new gas fireplace insert will help you keep your space neat and clean

Gas fireplace inserts are an efficient way to replace and refresh existing wood burning fireplaces

Gas fireplace inserts come in a wide variety of designs to fit any décor.

Gas Fireplace Freestanding

Looking to add warmth to your home? Install a gas fireplace Winnipeg!

Would you like a gas fireplace, but do not currently have a fireplace in your home?
We can help

Installing a freestanding gas fireplace can add ambiance, warmth, and comfort to your home.
Take the chill out of winter air with a gas fireplace that is freestanding.
Freestanding gas fireplaces circulate warm air throughout your space.

Gas fireplaces operate with the ease of the flip of a switch.

Freestanding gas fireplaces allow for additional flexibility and choice of where you can install a fireplace in your home.

Many gas fireplaces require direct venting to the exterior of your home.

Install a freestanding gas fireplace today.

Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace Repair

We service and install gas fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces have minimal maintenance requirements, but have multiple working parts that can require service over time.

Gas fireplace serviceable items:

No fan in your gas fireplace? Upgrade your fireplace today by installing a blower fan.

Gas Fireplace Installation

As certified gas fitters we know the ins and out of a gas fireplace.

Have your gas fireplace installed today.

Contact Abstract Heating for your free in-home consultation

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

When is the best time to perform maintenance on your gas fireplace?

After a long Winnipeg winter, spring can be the perfect time to perform maintenance on your gas fireplace.

Performing maintenance soon after your high use season is over can ensure that you are prepared for the next time you want to use your gas fireplace.
It is highly recommended that you perform an inspection prior to use.

Gas fireplaces are a popular option today compared to traditional wood burning fireplaces. A gas fireplace will burn cleaner than their wood burning counterparts but will still require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure proper functioning.

Natural gas burns at a lower temperature than solid fuel, this can make your gas fireplace prone to attracting insects and household dust. Ensuring that air intakes and valves are free and clear of debris and dust can ensure optimal functioning of your gas fireplace.

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