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Gas Stove Installation

Installing a new gas stove also referred to as a gas range can be the perfect addition to your new kitchen renovation.
A kitchen is the heart of any home and a new gas stove can be the perfect focal point for gatherings.

Keep in mind that when you are replacing your electric stove with a gas stove there is usually not a gas line near by. When you are installing a gas line for your stove, you will need to have a certified gas fitter install the new gas line.

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Gas Stove vs. Electric

Gas Stoves or ranges usually consist of a cooktop element and an oven in one appliance. Some gas ranges are installed within the countertop and are a cooktop only with a separate oven installed in another location.

Installing a gas range can come with some more upfront costs than installing an electric stove, but in the long run a gas stove will save you on operating costs.

Gas stoves produce heat faster than electric stoves, this brings your oven to temperature quicker and saves you time and money when pre-heating your gas oven.

Gas ovens use natural gas as their fuel source, during the combustion of natural gas there is some moisture given off.
This is why natural gas ovens can be preferred for baking breads, cakes and pasta.

Gas stoves provide instant heat when using the cooktop, and provide more accurate temperature adjustments than an electric stove. If you are a resident chef at home, a gas range will provide you with an exceptional cooking experience.

Installing a Gas Line for Gas Stove

It is important to have a certified gas fitter install your new natural gas line. In Manitoba it is required to pull a permit when installing a new gas line or gas appliance to ensure you and your family's safety.

Contact Abstract Heating today, your local gas line installers.

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