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There is nothing quite like a refreshing dip in your swimming pool.

With a short summer season, Winnipeg we know you want to get the most out of
your swimming pool time.

One of the best options when choosing a heat source for your swimming pool
is a natural gas pool heater.

Natural gas heaters tend to have higher BTUs, making them more
efficient and cost effective than their electric pool heater counter parts.

Natural gas heaters also heat up your pool faster than a solar heat.

A solar blanket or pool cover is a must for a swimming pool
to keep out debris and to help maintain your pools temperature.

Installing a natural gas pool heater is one of the quickest ways
to get your pool to temperature and have you swimming in no time.

Get yourself swimming as soon as possible this pool season
with a natural gas pool heater installed by Abstract Heating.

Installing a natural gas pool heater is a reliable way to
maintain a perfect swimming temperature in your pool
regardless of what mother nature is doing.

The main advantage of using a natural gas pool heater is
it will heat your pool faster than an electric heater or solar heat.  

pool heater

Can pH affect my pool heater?

It is always good practice to monitor the pH of your swimming pool water

It is recommended to maintain a pH range of 7.2 to 7.8 in your pool water 

This pH range has many benefits including:
  • Clearer Water
  • Reduced Chlorine use
  • Can extend the life of Solar Blanket
  • Can extend the life of Pool Liner
  • Extend the life of your Natural Gas Pool Heater

For pool heater installation,
and natural gas line installation contact Abstract Heating today

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Installing a Pool Heater

When selecting a pool heater to install for your
swimming pool there are some important factors to consider

Natural gas heaters come in different sizes depending on your
needs and size of swimming pool that you are wanting to heat

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